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Travis Hatcher is a multi-instrumentalist currently based in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. Hailing originally from Labrador, Travis Hatcher is a folk/rock musician with roots in Newfoundland and an eclectic musical taste giving him a unique approach to his song writing.

Travis' music has been positively received from both fans and reviewers alike. Travis' passionate vocal delivery is a staple in his performance and his lyrics show an innate ability for story telling - whether fiction or non. Travis' songs are designed to ensnare the imagination and stir your emotions.

Travis released “Pieces” in August 2018 and it is an important marker in his solo career. "Man Down" and "Campfire Favourites" followed in April 2020 when he had more time to work while isolating with the rest of the world.

While Travis lends his hands and ears to other projects in varying capacities, he always keeps and eye and ear out for projects which he can lend his abilities to, making him self available for stand-ins with other local bands, as well as studio work and recording services.

Travis not only writes and performs his own material, he travels the maritimes and plays favourites from yesterday and today.

Travis' goal is to offer a show that has something for everyone. He plays music in a variety of genres: country, classic rock, modern rock, traditional Irish, maritime, and blues.

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